Alternatives to Wax

Professional video editing software that comes with a large array of effects and transitions

Alternatives to Wax
  • ImElfin Total Media Converter
    ImElfin Total Media Converter

    ImElfin Total Media Converter is an universal DVD and video converter which can rip DVD disc and convert video to any formats

    Trial version In English
  • Sony Vegas 15
    Sony Vegas 15

    A professional level software suite to edit high-quality, HD videos

    Trial version In English
  • Windows Movie Maker 16.4.3528.331
    Windows Movie Maker 16.4.3528.331

    Create, edit and design beautiful movies using video clips and photographs right on your own computer

    Free In English
  • Media Player Classic
    Media Player Classic

    Light weight but powerful multi-format media player with a variety of useful extra features

    Free In English
  • XMPlay 3.8.5
    XMPlay 3.8.5

    Freeware audio player with custom skins and low resource consumption

    Free In English
  • AAC Converter 1.1
    AAC Converter 1.1

    Convert AAC to MP3, Convert M4A to MP3, etc

    Trial version In English
  • Audio Converter 5.5.2
    Audio Converter 5.5.2

    Convert music from CDs to MP3, WAV or WMA

    Trial version In English
  • HiDownload Platinum(Life-Time License)
    HiDownload Platinum(Life-Time License)

    HiDownload Platinum - All-In-One Stream Downloader and SnifferHiDownload

    Trial version In English
  • MP4 to MP3 Converter Demo 1.03
    MP4 to MP3 Converter Demo 1.03

    Convert MP4, M4A, Video, Audio files to MP3

    Trial version In English
  • Video Logo Remover 1.1.5
    Video Logo Remover 1.1.5

    Removes watermarks, company logos, and subtitles from video files

    Free In English
  • InstantMask 1.4
    InstantMask 1.4

    A Free Design & photography program for Windows

    Free In English
  • Jahshaka 2.0
    Jahshaka 2.0

    Open source special effects editor/player

    Free In English
  • Movica 0.6.6
    Movica 0.6.6

    Advanced and intuitive graphical editing software for videos

    Free In English
  • Lightworks 2020.1
    Lightworks 2020.1

    Powerful nonlinear video editing software with both free and paid versions

    Free In English
  • Avidemux 2.7.5
    Avidemux 2.7.5

    Free and simple video editing software

    Free In English
  • ivsEdits Le 3.0.493
    ivsEdits Le 3.0.493

    A free Windows video editor that offers both real time and post production edits

    Free In English
  • Video Editor Master
    Video Editor Master

    A free software that allows users to organize and edit images and videos from their desktop

    Free In English
  • Videolan Movie Creator 0.1.0
    Videolan Movie Creator 0.1.0

    Make and edit videos in minutes thanks to this great software

    Free In English
  • VirtualDub 1.10.4
    VirtualDub 1.10.4

    A utility tool for capturing video and rendering

    Free In English
  • Zwei-Stein 3.01
    Zwei-Stein 3.01

    A free Video program for Windows

    Free In English